A bit about us..

The internet has thousands of social media giveaways being announced every day. From cash gift card giveaways to phone giveaways. Which is a fantastic opportunity to win some prizes. But can anyone possibly keep up with all of the competitions going on the daily?

Well, that’s where Sparkify comes in.. Our goal is to bring in the highest quality giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests into one place. The great thing about Sparkify is that we brought design first. We want it easy for you to search for giveaways with our search bar. Filter through all of the categories. Sort through listings by end dates, prize values and by name. And last but not least, all of the product giveaway images have a white background; Which makes it easier for your eyes to scan through the website rapidly.

Another great feature we have is the winner’s page. This page is where we showcase previous giveaway winners. Often when a giveaway ends, that person or company will announce the winner. And with owners permission, we ask if we could feature the winner before featuring them on our winner’s page.

Sparkify runs any of the giveaways featured on this website. Our mission is to bring all of the most amazing public giveaways on the internet into one neat and organized directory. If you have questions about a specific giveaway listed on Sparkify.co, please contact the person running the giveaway for any questions.

Be sure to read our Terms and conditions before using our website =)